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The Dust to Dust Website and Rulebook

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Dust to Dust website and rulebook.

Please excuse a few remaining issues in the editing of the rulebook and a few remaining areas of the website.

Committee members will do all that we can to answer your questions. We are accepting early drafts of character histories. Full culture packets are not yet available.

Known Issues:
References to chapters by number in the rulebook are incorrect.
The Economy page of the website is under construction.
Detailed information on the Redwood Throne is under construction.
A few questions on the FAQ page are still unanswered.
The rulebook and website will eventually use more images from the photo shoot.
Forms and events are not yet available.
Images are intended to open in a new link, but some may not.
Site List and Directions page is under construction.
The Codex of Dust does not yet offer any content.
Tharici caravan symbols will be uploaded soon.
Formatting and editing in Historical Events may have some issues.

More comprehensive in-text links will be added in the future.

A very brief list of credits:
The Dust to Dust Plot and Story Committees
Caitlin Holden, for both the Dust to Dust Photo Shoot and the design of the website
All of our lovely and/or handsome models from the Photo Shoot
Jonathan Cantrell, Will Kotas, Jorge Diaz, and many others for contributions to the design of the rules
Jen Mines, the General Manager
This Guy, our first Staff Member Emeritus

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