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D&D Next: Character Sheet

Sooo I have no idea if Wizards of the Coast will yell at me for this. If they do, I'll take it down with most sincere apologies. However, until then I have created a (very crude, but sufficient to my purposes) Word file (.docx format) and PDF for character sheets, so that we can save our characters and print them out from session to session, without having to type them up or write them out by hand each time we need a fresh character sheet.

Please don't sue me. I am doing this because I love your game and want to make it easy for my playtest group to enjoy it.

Also, I have lots of friends who are much better at the unholy rituals of information presentation. People who do this for a living, even! They are welcome to point and laugh at this pathetic excuse for a layout only after they have supplied me with an improved version. You know who you are.

Word version, PDF version (not editable, because I don't know how to make an editable PDF)

The Word file uses the Blackflag and Viner Hand ITC fonts, which some or all of you now hate me for using. What can I say? I thought they looked cool.

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