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The Gamer Effect is Having a Contest!

So, a week or so ago, I asked my pals in G+ to talk up my blog in the Comments section of The Gamer Effect's post about their $50 Gamer Giveaway.

A Brief and Tragicomic Digression

I don't know enough about the market value of a gamer to guess whether a $50 gamer is bargain-bin or the bee's-knees, but there's a contest, so I guess it's good? (Actually, that's not what's going on at all. It's really two different $25 prizes. Yes, I can read, for really reals, not for play-play.)

Back On Topic

Anyway, the point of my posting here was that I finally read the post in sufficient detail to realize that I needed to post a link to their contest here, and now I have done so. Twice!

Apropos of Nothing

Because of an upcoming Dust to Dust event, and another following close on its heels, this blog will probably remain pretty content-light until the beginning of November or thereabouts. I miss you too, blog! To say nothing of my charming and discerning readers, who show their good taste by following this blog.
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