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RPG Blog Carnival: The Ways of the Wise Wrap-up


In case you missed it, July - and my hosting of the RPG Blog Carnival - have come to their inevitable ends. At least here in Georgia, July's heat is brutal enough that I am not sorry to see it go, but I've enjoyed hosting the Blog Carnival all the same. There have been a lot of great contributions from the blogosphere, so check them out!

Samhaine at System Sans Setting talks about mages in his Beyond the Hedge campaign. I'm playing one!

Phil Nichols at Tales of a GM writes about dance mages for HeroQuest Glorantha.

Gonzalo Campoverde at Codex Anathema offers Dementia Invokers, adapted to 5e rules. These wizards conjure horrors out of their own imaginations, causing them to struggle with sanity.

Jaye Foster at 6d6 RPG talks about wizards in an Ancient Greek setting, emphasizing curses, wards, and herbalism.

Aaron B at Doom Rides wrote two articles: the first has NPC writeups, with rules for a PBTA game (I'm not sure which one); the second has moves for referencing grimoires and excellent, creepy descriptions of four such tomes. Both posts are useful and evocative even without knowing the rules or the system.

Sean Holland at the Sea of Stars RPG Design Blog talks about wizards who contend with dragons and gods in his Sea of Stars setting. Makes me wish I'd played a wizard when I was PCing his campaign! (Don't get me wrong, my cleric was awesome too.)

Brian Fitzpatrick at Moebius Adventures has some really cool ideas about new monsters and accidents that might occur through alchemy and magic.

Alan Kellogg at Infinite Adventures wrote four posts on wizards: the Wizards of Aerth, the Magic of Two Worlds, Thou Shalt Not, and Once a Jolly Cleric.

Clark Timmins at RPG Geek offers an overview of wizards in fantasy and fantasy gaming.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my RPG Blog Carnival! I loved getting to read about different takes on wizards throughout the month. Want to read about the wizards of my tabletop and live-action campaigns? Check out the Wizards of Aurikesh, the Wizards of Dust to Dust... and what the hell, while you're here, pick up some of my short fiction.

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