Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Sixth Year of Blogging

I'm now completing six years of writing this blog. This year is on track to equal or very slightly surpass last year's post total, even with the weekly column I've been writing for Tribality. This has been a momentous year for me in gaming and writing: I've gotten fairly steady freelance work through EN5IDER (six articles in 2016), I've sold a few PDFs through Tribality Publishing, and now I'm working on a piece for Seventh Sphere Publishing. My freelancing has brought in enough money to complicate our taxes. Most of all, this was the last full season of the Dust to Dust LARP campaign.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

D&D 5e: The Thri-Kreen Personality

The 4e thri-kreen

Not too long ago, I wrote that I thought I was coming to the end of this series of posts. Then a reader reminded me of all the races I hadn't touched on yet - slightly further from the beaten path, but still popular enough to merit a full post of personality features. It looks like I'll be doing a few more of these! Today: the thri-kreen, most known for their appearance in Dark Sun, but soon becoming a standard part of the Monster Manual (if not the Player's Handbook).

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emotional Play in Games

This post is a reaction to Bluestockings's Be Vulnerable: Emotional Play and Toxic Masculinity. I've been chewing on it for a few days, and I find that there are important things it doesn't say, solely relative to my own gaming space. Nothing you read here is going to reject anyone else's experience or tell Bluestockings how she should have written this better - if you think you're seeing that, well, I did something wrong.