Tuesday, January 31, 2017

D&D 5e: The Tidal Sorcery Origin

Who am I? / I am the girl who loves my island / I'm the girl who loves the sea / It calls me

Since I anticipate a new UA article with sorcerous origins as soon as next Monday, now might be a great time for one that I've been pondering. Like a whole lot of people in America and abroad, I recently watched Moana, and I loved it. When it became clear that Maui was a 20th-level Circle of the Moon druid, I started thinking about how I might stat Moana, and along came the idea of the Tidal sorcerer, thanks to the surges of ocean water that frequently help her. (It's not my first sorcerous archetype based on a Disney Princess. Don't you dare judge me.)

Monday, January 23, 2017

D&D 5e: The Veytikka Personality

For the most part, my series on personality features for each race has stuck to official D&D races, with the exception of homunculi. Today, though, I'm tackling one of the races of my own creation: the veytikka. I've talked about them a good bit in the past, and I'll repost their stats below, but the short version is that they are a race of carrion-eaters - similar to ghouls, but not undead or evil. They have a keen sense of smell, claws, the ability to run faster on all fours, and so on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

D&D 5e: Alchemical Experimentation

The new Unearthed Arcana article yesterday offered a 20-level artificer class, and I wrote a detailed breakdown over in Tribality. (If you're not also reading my Tribality material, I've taken to doing all of my Unearthed Arcana commentary over there.) I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the absence of any active experimentation rules, so I wrote some of my own.